Multiple devices. Your Own Server.

Your private IP for your personal use.



WHY multipleVPN ?


Unlimited devices


Own Server


Private IP

MultipleVPN is different than other VPN providers. We do not sell you a user for a shared network, we provide you with your own network, your own server.

Traditional VPN providers have few servers for literally thousands of users. At peak time you are sharing your connection with thousands of people and your speed is affected.

In multipleVPN we give you a dedicated VPN server for you, your own IP, your own machine, nobody will affect your Internet Speed!

This is what you get

Everything you need to enjoy your own private network in multiple devices.

1Your own server


3Private IP


2Multiple users


4Unlimited devices





How can you do this amazing prices?

We have automatic systems that manage all our VPNs, monitorize their performance and manage also our website. That allow us to save a lot of cost in Human Resources, your payment is close to the real cost of the service.

The only part that we keep manual is the Quality Control and the Support. We think that quality is too important to avoid it. Thus, we check individually each VPN before we send the information to the customer.


Private IP (Dedicated IP)

Private IP is useful when you need to access complex applications and services such as, games, video streaming, file transfer, communication applications (Skype), etc.., that require dedicated IP address (fix IP address). With multipleVPN, you don’t have to worry about port forwarding any more, it’s all done for you automatically. When you purchase multipleVPN, you are connected to a dedicated IP address, and not shared IP address on the network. This is another advantage to you, as you will appear as a private individual network device and not as a shared network device.

Does this VPN work in Internet
controlled countries (China, Iran…) ?

YES! multipleVPN can be reached all around the globe. In addition, since you are the ONLY one using this IP, it’s really difficult for censors to block your IP, totally opposite for our competitors, who share a server for thousands of users.


Would Facebook/Youtube
/Google/Dropbox work ?

YES! With our VPN you will be able to use the uncensored free

Why is this VPN better/different
than other VPN providers ?

Other VPN providers have few VPN servers (few!) shared with literally thousands or millions of users. You are sharing your speed and your data with them. In peak hour, use your VPN can be a nightmare. Censor agencies are continuosly blocking their IPs because they can see the big ammount of data flowing there.

multipleVPN is just for you. You have your own VPN, only you use it. You have dedicated IP, RAM, and hardware just for your usage. If you don’t share it with many people, you will have the full speed dedicated for you.

In addition, we do not restrict how many connections or devices you can use. It’s your VPN, you decide how to use it. No restrictions.


Can I share my VPN ?

Of course!, You own the VPN, you decide what to do with it. You can share it with your family or your friends, you can also use it in many different devices.However, is stricly forbidden to RESELL your VPN to others.




  • choose your plan

  • Recommended usersRecommended users
  • Bandwidth per monthBandwidth per month
  • Dedicated IPDedicated IP
  • Unlimited user connectionsUnlimited user connections
  • Unlimited devicesUnlimited devices
  • LocationsLocations
  • PPTP Standard connectionPPTP Standard connection
  • OpenVPNOpenVPN
  • Web controlWeb control
  • Configuration guidesConfiguration guides
  • If you pay per years...If you pay per years...
  • If you pay per semesters...If you pay per semesters...
  • If you pay per quarters...If you pay per quarters...
  • Personal VPN

  • Recommended users3
  • Bandwidth per month500GB
  • Dedicated IP1
  • Unlimited user connections
  • Unlimited devices
  • LocationsUSA
  • PPTP Standard connection
  • OpenVPNOptional
  • Web control
  • Configuration guides
  • If you pay per years...95.88 $/Year (equals 7.99$/month!)
  • If you pay per semesters...54 $/Semester
  • If you pay per quarters...32.85 $/Quarter
  • Family VPN

  • Recommended users6
  • Bandwidth per month1000GB
  • Dedicated IP1
  • Unlimited user connections
  • Unlimited devices
  • LocationsUSA
  • PPTP Standard connection
  • OpenVPNOptional
  • Web control
  • Configuration guides
  • If you pay per years...129 $/Year (equals 10.75$/month!)
  • If you pay per semesters...69 $/Semester
  • If you pay per quarters...39 $/Quarter

Yearly, Semesterly or Quarterly ?
That’s totally up to you. If you are not sure just try us for 3 months, we are 100% sure that you will renew. However, we do really good deals for the people that trust us for a year. Our VPN are cheap, good, fast and easy, just try them!

How can I pay ?
We use paypal as a payment gateway. That allows you to create a subscription and renew with us each time easily. If you don’t have a paypal account, do not worry! When you fill your card details, you will choose a password and the account will be created automatically.

Can I pay in a different currency than USD ?
Yes. If your paypal account or credit card is setup in a different currency, there is no problem. During the process, the system will show you the ammount in your default currency and it will convert the price to USD.

Is your payment platform safe ?
Super safe! We use paypal for all the payment process, so we do not keep absolutely any payment information. Paypal is the world leader in electronic payment, they are extremely safe!

What if I don’t want my VPN anymore ?
You can cancel your VPN in just 1 second login into your account and clicking in CANCEL. Everything will be canceled.



We belive that our system is transperent and easy to use. However, we care about your doubts. If you think that something is not clear or you require further explanation, please, contact us!

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